A picturesque Norwegian island called Olfensness is offered for sale for £ 2.5 million and is 23 acres.
According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the island is known as "Devil's Island" and is located in a Norwegian strait in the Austeroy region and comes with 23 acres of woodland and pathways and 30 buildings including the luxurious main house.
The island’s official name is Olfness, while the title “Devil's Island” began in the year 1881, when it housed a school for misbehaving unruly children, to become a threat to children from their mothers and screaming to children, “If you are not a nice boy, I will send you to Devil's Island.”
The school closed in 1982 and since then until only last year, the island was a low-security prison before it was sold to a private buyer.
The island is located a short distance from Laber in the Växdal region in Norway, and can also be reached by speedboat within 30 minutes from the nearby city of Bergen or by helicopter from the port of Bergen.
The main building on the island dates back to the year 1904 and was built on an area of 20 thousand square feet. There are also 30 other buildings that include a storage house, a barn, workshops, stores, boats, and an accompanying building, in addition to a playground.
The announcement confirms that the island includes 23 acres of forests and paths, and more than 32 thousand square feet of buildings, and a private pier with a deep marina, and is protected from the factors of nature through the foot of a steep mountain, and you can dive in the clear, clear waters around.
Around the island, there are beautiful hiking paths, many bathing areas, and a hideout, and the island is also a fully functional farm, with animal husbandry and cultivated land, and finally, there are horses, sheep, pigs, and poultry, in addition to many greenhouses for the production of organic food.
Source: Mohammad Abu Zahra