Henry Dakak Jr. is a Lebanese craftsman, designer, and jeweler. With an Art History and Heritage Management degree, this young artist excels at combining avant-garde creativity with old-fashioned charm.
Based in the heart of Beirut, Henry started his journey by running his family’s factory business, which gave him the opportunity to experiment with different materials and fall in love with the process of transforming objects.
After working with iron, wood, silver, and gold, he decided to dive into the entrepreneurial journey and start his own design brand HHD Henry Dakak Jr.
HHD’s collections range from furniture, decorative accessories, functional objects, to jewelry. It’s a laboratory of inventions and beauty, mixing ancient shapes with modern styles.Also stand out by their bright colors, infinite details, and perfect finishes.
On the other hand, he is also widely known for his original collections of confectionery decorative items which include bonbons, lollipops, candy trees and even sparkled unicorns.
With glowing vibrant colors and pieces that are sensual to the touch, he successfully brings back small objects related to childhood into meaningful modern elements.
Today, HHD Henry Dakak Jr is a well-established brand, widely recognized for his contemporary works of art.