South Korean fashion designer Sun Woo Chang has unveiled her In Between collection, which explores clothes as "portable homes" that can offer the wearer a refuge from reality.
Across the 13 looks of the collection, ring-shaped details protrude from otherwise minimal silhouettes encircling shirt sleeves, trouser legs, and even an entire dress.
The details are composed of material stretched across poles, much like the design of a pop-up tent.
Following on from this, the vibrantly colored, voluminous pieces can also be collapsed into a flat plane and stored in a designated bag when they are not in use.
Beyond their obvious appeal as structural and yet easily compactable and portable units, the designer said her fascination with tents stems from a sense of social alienation, which she has experienced since she was a child.
She said this led her to try and distill the sense of belonging, for which she was yearning, into a wearable home that she can carry around wherever she goes to shield her from the outside world.