After working in the creative department for renowned Lebanese designer Elie Saab, Jabotian was handpicked by the Beirut-based Starch Foundation to showcase his own line and eventually set up his own atelier at the tender age of 23.
Now, the rising star is known for his wild imagination, beautifully structured gowns and growing list of celebrity fans — including Queen Rania of Jordan.
With ethereal ruffles and cascading tulle, Jabotian is known for his flair and fairy-like glamour and offers up structured gowns that wouldn’t look out of place in the palaces of a bygone era. Yet, importantly, he manages to pay tribute to the past without straying into the realm of costume-like attire, straddling the line between haute couture and historical homage with finesse.
Jabotian, whose Beirut atelier was impacted by the Aug. 4 explosion in the Lebanese capital, has faced unforeseeable hurdles this year, but this gave him time to reflect on his craft.
Source: Hadia Sinno