La Rosière Club Med Resort in France, located in the Alps, launched a pleasant surprise for chocolate lovers by staying in a room that has free chocolates all over, and is decorated with chocolate-inspired decorations and its famous "terry" packaging.
According to the British newspaper "The Sun" website, the room carries a decor inspired by chocolate on mattresses and even scented toilet paper, and the bed is designed in the form of chocolate slices, in addition to a desk designed in the form of cubes from them, making the guest feel as if he is inside one of its boxes.
There are also 180-degree panoramic views across the snow-covered slopes that you can view from your private balcony.
Resort guests receive a chocolate cocktail, and hot chocolate. They can spend Christmas in the chocolate room for £ 93 per person, as a Christmas tree will be erected in the room, with orange ornaments made of chocolate, and guests can ice skates.