The "Ring" home security company, owned by the "Amazon" company, has launched a home surveillance drone camera that will be available next year at a price of $ 250.
 The plane is small and light includes a high-resolution camera, and can automatically fly in preset routes, near the house, and broadcast the video to the homeowner's phone, to see what is happening along the way.
Users can set up flight paths via a smartphone app. And if it detects movement in a part of your home, it can fly alone to that location and record a video of what is happening.
 The drone's camera appears to be mounted on a short box that extends below its propellers, but it only films when in flight, because the camera is obscured when the plane is parked.
To alleviate the concerns of those keen on privacy considerations and the possibility of violating them, Ring said that the drone makes noisy noises during flight, making it exposed during use and cannot be controlled manually.