Fourier Le Bag launches today, under the supervision of Bouvivan, unleashing its inimitable talent, offering luxurious handbags, small leather goods and accessories, all adorned with the scales inscriptions that bear the imprint of the brand closely linked to the glories of the past, and give it a contemporary touch that is not outdated by the times of days.
The brand drew its inspiration from the rules of conquests and the spirit of Paris that confronted all difficulties, generating from the womb of this liberated thought distinctive designs that include the classic The Daily Battle bag made of cloth and decorated with the letters of the brand's name, and the Satchel Caliber bag with a flap and a pistol-shaped front pocket.
These handbags, purses and clutches preserve the Maison's legacy of weapons production, and bring to our memories the Chamber of Wonders that appeared in the sixteenth century and housed valuable items.