The beauty and colors of nature have always dominated her imagination, especially her love for precious stones and her curiosity about what unique innovations can be created with them, prompting her to specialize in the American Gemological Institute in London, and after her graduation she moved to Lebanon where she opened her own brand, in addition to a showroom in Mono Street in Beirut.
Under the difficulties that Lebanon is facing, especially after the explosion of the port, which led to huge losses, and in an interview for Modern Arabesque with Maria Mouawad, she told us that she is inspired by emotions and colors to make handmade jewelry, and in a humanitarian initiative she created an elegant bracelet dedicated to Beirut made of yellow gold and diamonds, and all proceeds will be donated to these trusted non-governmental organizations, named Hopital des Soeurs du Rosaire, Beit Al Baraka and the Lebanese Food Bank, with the aim of helping them, rebuild Beirut, and help and support the families in need.
It is remarkable that a large number of Lebanese living abroad loved this initiative and bought the Beirut bracelet in order to provide assistance and support Lebanon in the difficult circumstances the country is going through.
From Modern Arabesque, we thank Maria Mouawad for this initiative, and we are fully confident that with creative people like her, Beirut will definitely rise from the ashes.
Mabelle Milane
Modern Arabesque