Brussels-based Cobra Studios has launched its first furniture collection called Solids, featuring a series of geometric tables with chunky legs made from glossy resin.
The collection is made up of three tables and a standing lamp that are each named after significant buildings and figures in the Greco-Roman world.
These include Santa Maria dei Clarici, a coffee table named after a church in Rome, Cicero, a dining table that takes its name from Roman statesman and academic Marcus Tullius Cicero, and Priape, a side table named after a god from Greek mythology.
The table legs each take a different, playful shape, including spheres, zigzags and cylinders, as a modern take on the solid columns found in classical Roman architecture.
Made from epoxy resin, the legs pierce through the soft-white tabletops, which were designed to evoke "a sense of comfort".
Also included in the inaugural collection is a floor lamp named after Roman emperor Otho.
The light features a cylindrical, glass shade attached to a thin steel body that is supported by three splayed legs, which offers a visual contrast to the thick, columnar forms of the tables.
Source: Natashah Hitti