American artist Janet Echelman has installed a woven sculpture composed of blue fibres on a site in Florida with history that traces back to the American Civil Rights Movement.
Bending Arc is a permanent work suspended above a grassy park overlooking the Pier District in St Petersburg, Florida.The title goal is to welcome everyone, all ages, all backgrounds.
The piece is 72 feet tall (21.9 metres) at its peak and measures 424 feet in width (129.2 metres). Its shape constantly changes as it ripples with the movement of wind.
The colours of this sculpture reflect hues of blue like the sky in a full gradient from white to black.
At night low-energy LED lights project tones of pink and purple across the sculpture making it glow.
Echelman hopes the sculpture offers visitors a sensory experience and an appreciation for nature and humankind, and she has completed a number of woven sculptures in her career that have been installed all over the world.