Al-Ula is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located on the western side of the Arabian Peninsula, which is the meeting point of the civilizations of the ancient Near East. Its winter festival is Tantura.
Al-Ula is about 300 km north of Medina, and it is considered one of the archeological areas registered in the "UNESCO" because of its great historical monuments.
The fertility of the land and the abundance of water played a role in making it the stability of many civilizations throughout history.
Among its effects:
Al Hajar - Madain Saleh, Qasr Al Fareed, Qasr Al Bint, Qasr Al Ajouz, Mahlab Al Naqa, Cemeteries of Al Aswad, Al Muzhim, Jabal Al Hewar, Al Huwaira, Al Hijaz Railway Station, Qasr Al Islam, Qasr Musa Bani, Naseer, Old City, Winter of Tantura.
Source: Rola Hamid