In order to accommodate performers and guests, APL Design Workshop designed and built White Flower Arbor, a lobby area where the audience can mingle between performances, and a backstage area for the actors to prepare in.
Oak and cedar trees, 17 in total, surround the new foyer and support its corrugated plastic roof. The tree trunks grow through holes cut in the wooden floor.
Nine steel beams provide extra support, as the eight-centimetre-wide trunks of the trees are not strong enough by themselves to support the maximum depth the snow can reach in this area.
Small tables can be attached for people to gather around and rest their drinks on.
At night, the tables are lit from beneath so that White Flower Arbor glows.
For dressing rooms, the studio used converted shipping containers as a temporary intervention, arranged behind the stage and the seats.
The stage is circular, so extra audiences can be accommodated for certain performances by seating people on the lawn for a performance in the round, or to use the steps as part of the stage.