Italian architect Arturo Tedeschi has designed a tram concept for the city of Milan called Passerella, which is equipped with discreet social distancing solutions.
Designed as a modern take on the classic ATM Class 1500 tram, which was first introduced to the city in 1929, the Passerella reinterprets the style and proportions of the first model numbered 1503.
Along with updating its form, Tedeschi added technologies and adaptations for life following the coronavirus pandemic. Its interior features plexiglass shields to separate individual seats and circle-shaped markers on the floor to act as discreet signals of where travellers should stand to keep a safe distance.
The yellow and black colour-scheme has also been extended to the tram exterior, which features an electronic display running along both sides that informs people of the next stops on its journey.
The vehicle's roof, which according to the designer, is usually a "leftover area" filled with the technical elements, has also been given this simple, striped aesthetic, so that it looks appealing when seen from people's balconies.
These stripes reference the Italian artistic and social Futurism movement, which was rooted in ideas of speed, technology and transportation.