There’s nothing quite like spending some time in a bookstore, but the experience of browsing through inspirational titles and searching for interesting authors is heightened even more if the surroundings are really unique. One such example is the recently opened Zhongshuge bookstore in Beijing that has guests pass through magical tunnels made of books and includes calm study areas.
There’s also a cultural and creative area, and younger guests can unwind in little nooks and crannies, while the floor has an eye-catching world map design.
The bookshop was inspired by the look and feel of classical Chinese gardens, while the bookshelves are both a canvas and a wall, making the rounded door porches look like paintings filled with colorful books, guiding visitors into a labyrinth. Other elements include mirrored surfaces, while the café’s layout is inspired by a classical Chinese painting called 'Qu Shui Liu Shang. Behind a door there lies a bamboo forest with simplified wooden branches.