Around the world, bar and nightclub owners are implementing unconventional ways to promote social distancing between customers. 
Some owners are betting on robot bartenders and sit-down dance clubs becoming the new normal.
Here are ways bars and nightclubs around the world have decided to implement social distancing:
DJs and guests are separated by plastic barriers at this nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand.
Pubs serve beer behind protective screens in England.
Table dividers are a common strategy to separate drinkers in New York City.
A discotheque in Schüttorf, Germany, pivoted to a drive-in model.
These bright red benches in Belfast, Ireland, are filled with quirky messages to encourage drinkers to socially distance.
Robots pour drinks at a bar in Seoul, South Korea.
At a nightclub in the Netherlands, guests enjoyed music, lights, and dancing from the confines of a chair.
Mannequins have become a common sight at bars around the world, like this one in Vienna, Austria.
Or this bar in Istanbul, Turkey.