Commissioned by Hem, the Puffy Brick rug is made up of amorphous blocks made using an innovative molding technique of gesmonite.
The founders of the London-based Soft Baroque studio, Nicholas Gardner and Sasha Stosen are asked to create the first pink version of the hem for the Hem's 2018 pop-up in London.
Gardner and Štucin first built transparent borders around a rectangular base to form a frame-like gap between the central island and the outer walls.
Then the duo used a large syringe pump to fill the balloons with a liquid gesmoonite mixture before identifying them in the gaps and leaving them to settle.
Once it becomes solid, the piece-like bricks are taken out of the mold, numbered to follow their arrangement, and pasted again to form the structure of the lamp before being painted with their own colors of hot pink and fluorescent yellow.