The Peace Project includes the name George Orwell, author of a miserable novel 1984, and it consists of three pieces of jewelry worn on the face, chest, and foot.
Each wearable protects the user's identity from facial recognition, heartbeat detection, detection technology, or gait tracking while still visually visible.
Each piece will have a ripple-like effect reminiscent of pearls. Salam chose these finishing touches as a reference for Lover's Eye Jewelry, which are popular 18th-century miniature paintings that feature an eye, often surrounded by pearls.
Face jewelry works in three ways. First, by blocking the main facial geometry, the area where the nose, eyebrows and chin meet, and secondly by reducing facial symmetry.
It also changes the landscapes of the wearer's face through a highly reflective material, which distorts light and dark patterns across the face.
The armor-like chest protects against heart rate detection technology, which is a very modern technology, according to the Ministry of Defense designer, which uses lasers to detect the rhythm of the heart on the surface of the skin.
The final shoe accessory works by interrupting the walking recognition technology, and she was inspired by the "oldest trick in the book" by pebble in your shoes. Designed to be worn on one foot, the design works by lifting your foot ball up enough to interrupt bipolar symmetry, and is designed with modules that allow it to switch from one foot to another to avoid straining one side of your body.