Founded by Frederik Duerinck, Netherland-based company Scentronix is paving the future of the fragrance market with algorithmic perfumes. These scented products are hyper-customized thanks to artificial intelligence software and a compounding hardware machine, answering the growing consumer desire for uniqueness and impeccable personalization.
The algorithmic perfumes have been showcased as part of a touring exhibit in Europe and North America. The next steps for Scentronix are geared toward creating a tangible consumer product that combines extreme precision and a broader fragrance scope. The potential of this extends as the AI makes data combinations more accessible and can "send them electronically to machines around the world for cultural smelling sessions."
In mid-2019, it was reported that Frederick Duerinck was working with two perfumers to create a more commercialized product.
Source: Kalina Nedelcheva