After graduating from art school, Mustafa Akrim struggled to find a job. He started working with his father as a "construction assistant" on construction sites. His artwork, inspired by legal texts, be it the Moroccan constitution or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, extracts words from their original contexts to turn them into sculptures.
Mustafa Akrim intended to write the words using concrete and then fixed it on a scaffold to make it stand out, by keeping it vertical, but at the same time these words seem to be imprisoned inside the scaffold. This work reveals discrepancies in government systems and the gap between theories of social systems and practices of power institutions on the ground, which are often unable to guarantee the rights of citizens. From the exhibition "Our world is burning", Tokyo Palace, Paris. The exhibition is in co-production with MATHAF, Qatar Museums and Qatar Foundation. Technical curators: Abdullah Krom and Fabian Danese.