As civic buildings, Democratic Monuments would be brightly-coloured combinations of styles and materials, reflecting the unique combinations of communities that make up different cities around the country.
The town hall would house offices, chambers for the local council, spaces for the mayor, libraries, galleries and halls for events and ceremonies.
Local soil, sand and stone could be incorporated into the building exterior by mixing it with the concrete to produce different colours that would act as a "vertical index" of the region.
Intricate murals executed in colourful tiles would cover the cathedral-style facade and interior spaces in an expression of what the designer calls "chromatic joy".
These decorative mosaics of ceramic tiles with digitally printed decals would be designed by local creatives.
Reflective, translucent or glittery finishes would make spaces glow under lights, and colourful marbles would be mixed with terrazzo and powder-coated steel surfaces.
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