VRrOOm, a leading VR company renowned for its XR Music Video Fest in 2019, recently announced the launch of its six-degrees of freedom social VR platform, dubbed '6-DoF.' Users can choose an avatar and enter a virtual space such as a festival, concert hall, or museum to interact with others in real-time. It includes a real-time photo-realistic representation for a fully immersive experience and the cutting-edge platform will also offer VRChat Live (which has over 7,000 users at any given time) to allow multiple users to participate in live events.
The first event planned for the platform is an interactive hip-hop battle with participants from around the globe. Currently, the 6-DoF platform is in its prototype form and will be showcased during the UniFrance Rendez-Vous -- a B2B service for festivals and institutions alike.
Source: Grace Mahas