Rising to the "creative challenge" of the pandemic, designer Binder and psychologist Rimmele set out to solve the problem of creating a space that both protects its users from potential contagions while still enabling fun interactions.
The resulting Rimbin concept is a playground made up of a group of individual play areas shaped like a cluster of water-lily pads on a pond.
Each child can have their own playing platform, with individual paths leading to separate entrances, from which they can see and communicate with each other from a safe distance.
Users can see when an area is occupied from the entrance gate. Once inside the platform, children can communicate with one another between areas by speaking into hollow tubes.
The play platforms can accommodate different types of activities and games. Some contain sand, while others have seesaws, ladders or "horizontal hamster wheels" inside.
Elements that are exposed to direct contact with the children, like handles and tubes, are made from metal in order to be easily sanitised. The duo propose installing disinfectant dispensers to aid this cleaning process.