With lockdowns confining people to their homes, the balcony has become a popular spot for many.
People have stepped out to their balconies for fresh air, chats with neighbors, and to cheer for healthcare workers.
But balconies have also been used in unconventional ways.
Let’s take a look on some of them:
Balconies have been transformed into upbeat night clubs.
Comedian Noam Cartozo hosts a show from his balcony in Paris.
Mother's Day roses were delivered to balconies via drone.
Spider-Man delivered groceries to balconies in Turkey.
The coronavirus didn't stop Lily Haines from celebrating her 16th birthday.
This ballerina's balcony turned into a home studio.
A couple got engaged from their balcony in Ronda, Spain.
Bingo balcony has spread far and wide.
Artists created exhibits on their balconies.
Barbershops are now taking place outdoors.