Sometimes, a bridge also serves an aesthetic purpose. Bridges come in many shapes, sizes, and style. Some span a small river, while others stretch the length of an entire canyon.
From Cincinnati to Singapore, here are stunning bridges around the world.
Let's take a look on some of them:
The unusual design of the Laguna Garzon Bridge in Uruguay forces drivers to slow down.
The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge is one of the many fascinating pieces of modern architecture in Brasília, Brazil.
The Golden Bridge, a foot bridge near Da Nang, Vietnam, looks like it's supported by two giant hands.
The Glacier Skywalk in Alberta offers breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies.
The twisty Helix Bridge in Singapore lights up at night, with each color representing different DNA strands.
The Millau Viaduct in southern France is one of the world's tallest bridges.
The Millennium Bridge stands out in stark contrast amongst London's oldest buildings.