Residents in the northern Indian state of Punjab say they're seeing the Himalayas for the first time in decades while on coronavirus lockdown. 
Since India was put on lockdown in March to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the country's air quality has seen immense improvement, 
and that because public transportation has stopped, fewer people are driving, and there's less air traffic in the skies.
The air quality in Jalandhar, where several photos of the Himalayas were taken, was measured as "good" for 16 of the first 17 days of India's lockdown, which was put in place to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The same 17-day period last year had zero days of "good" air quality.
India has six of the top ten worst polluted urban areas in the world, according to data from IQAir AirVisual's 2019 World Air Quality Report, and 21 of the top 30.