While most of the global population has been staying home, essential workers like doctors and nurses are keeping the rest of us afloat during this unprecedented time. 
Tourist sights around the world including Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle and the London Eye have united in this effort to acknowledge those on the frontline by lighting up their buildings blue, the color for healthcare professionals. 
Landmarks lighting up in solidarity for other countries or causes is nothing new, but the ones that have been beaming messages of hope, thanks, and love in honor of medical professionals are a reassuring token. 
Fighting the coronavirus spread is a battle that has affected us all, and seeing Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle turn blue with the same message of hope and gratitude as an actual castle in Windsor, England, is a warming experience indeed.
The Shard in London was turned blue to honor those working in the NHS ...
Tower Bridge
the iconic wheel of the London Eye.
Windsor Castle, where The Queen is thought to be isolating, lit up its Round Tower to show gratitude to healthcare workers.
Northern Ireland's Belfast City Hall also glowed blue.
Walt Disney World turned the Cinderella Castle a bright blue as a symbol of hope and appreciation on World Health Day, Wednesday, April 7.
One World Trade Center in New York shone red, white, and blue "in recognition of the ongoing nationwide effort to combat COVID-19."
At the beginning of March, buildings along the Qiantang River, China, showed slogans of support for medical workers helping in the fight against the coronavirus.