Belgian design duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen aimed to explore the possibilities of aluminium tubing in their latest furniture collection, which sees metal pipes lined up in welded rows.
Consisting of a chair, a bench and a variety of cabinets, including freestanding and wall-mounted versions, the Alltubes collection is named for its primary material.
Using different diameters, Muller and Van Severen developed a way to make standardised pieces of aluminium tubing both decorative and structural.
By lining the tubes up in welded rows, they created walls and surfaces. Bending sections of tubing allowed them to form legs and rails that extend seamlessly from the body of each piece.
Two of the cabinets are the same size, but use different diameters of tubing, five centimetres and three centimetres, to create a different effect.
The seat of the chair is made from 15 pieces of tubing. Two of these bend down at the front to create legs. The back is formed of three pieces of tubing, two that extend up from the seat and one that extends down to create the back legs.
Source: Anna Winston