Redbridge School in Lisbon by ARX Portugal is formed of two wood-framed buildings clad with metal, one featuring a playground on its roof.
Located at two ends of a dense site, the new structures sit either side of a pre-existing building.
The larger building to the north houses the main programme of the school, with a canteen at ground floor level and classrooms above.
On the top floor, a large, multifunctional space serves as an events space, gymnasium and an indoor playground.
Large windows provide views of the city below and dormer window-style vents circulate fresh air.
At the southern end of the site, a smaller pavilion building houses kindergarten classrooms and a small teacher's space.
The lower level of this pavilion has been left glazed, opening the classrooms onto a green, landscaped area with stepped stone seating.
Above, the upper storey is clad in the same brown metal at the main building.
On the roof, wooden decking provides an additional play area as well as skylights that illuminate the spaces below.
Both buildings are unified by their wooden structures, with chunky columns and roof beams left exposed on the interiors.