Together Libeirut, as part of its ongoing relief campaign for Beirut, in solidarity with The House of Christmas Association for Heritage Preservation, inaugurated its second heritage building, a rural building in the Gemmayzeh area, after it was completely restored as a result of the August 4, 2020 explosion, in the presence of the Director General of Antiquities, Eng. Sarkis El Khoury and residents The building and the shop owners and friends of the victim were Christelle Adem.
The building was built during the French Mandate period in several stages in the early twentieth century. It consists of a ground floor that includes five shops and a main entrance that leads to three upper floors designated for housing. The "Reef" building is an important example of the twin buildings connected by a common staircase, popular in Beirut during that era. It is characterized by several special engineering elements, including the central hall, the three arches, rectangular balconies, wooden doors and windows, the common spaces in the staircase and the back garden, and others.
It is noteworthy that "Together LiBeirut" is a collaborative campaign that aims to revive the social and economic fabric and the spirit of Beirut by facilitating access to health care and mental health services, promoting heritage preservation, providing comprehensive support to small enterprises and contributing to facilitating livelihoods to revive the local economy. The campaign’s efforts include the rehabilitation of Ghulam’s heritage buildings, which are 4 buildings located in Gemmayzeh, and work on them is scheduled to be completed at the end of this month.