The Nashville brand duVisst were planning to debut their collection at the AD Design Show in New York City last month, but with the show postponed. duVisst specializes in bespoke heirloom pieces such as cabinets, mirrors, desk accessories, tabletop accessories, side tables, and shelving. The pieces share common features from juxtaposed design elements to contrasting colors, and often combine materials in interesting, synergistic ways.
The Tec Tonic Bar is equal parts a display and storage piece as it has space to display 10 bottles of your favorite booze, as well as hide 8 cocktail tumblers or other bar items.
The LODE Shelf takes inspiration from geological formations found in nature, particularly the Basalt Cliffs in Iceland. The individual ribs allow light to pass through creating shadow patterns that cast on the surrounding wall. The shelf’s appearance changes depending on the angle it’s viewed making it appear solid or translucent, or somewhere in between.