Frida Kahlo's artworks have come to life in a dazzling immersive art exhibit located in the artist's hometown of Mexico City, Mexico. This exhibition took over two years to develop and opened on the very day of the late artist's birthday, marking her 114th year. The immersive experience consists of a 35-minute art show, extensively curated using light and large-scale visual projections. The exhibit uses 90 projectors and 50 speakers to make the experience come to life and features an array of Mexican music, narrations from the artist's diary, and animated artworks.
The exhibition features 26 of the artist's paintings; among the most notable are her 'Self Portrait with Cropped Hair,' 'The Two Fridas' and 'Me and My Parrots.' The experience is multisensory and intimate - sharing a closer look into the artist's unglamorized life.
Source: Francesca Mercurio