Chaouki Chamoun's writings are constantly increasing, and so is his abstraction and sensitivity.
The result is a symphony of colors that invokes our more subtle senses and spontaneous faith, as well as feelings of love in tragic times, especially after the October uprising, the port explosion, and the outbreak of the epidemic, all in a color structure that evolves beyond borders, in favor of the color entity itself.
Chaouki Chamoun's works are a series, every time you look at it, you interpret it in a new language, a timeless language where the rules are dismantled and then reformulated.
To find out more about his work, all you have to do is visit his solo exhibition taking place at Mark Hachem Gallery that has started on May 18 and will last till 1 June 2021,  and due to the current situation, number of attendees are limited. Make sure to book your slot either by email [email protected] or by WhatsApp.