Many encrypted images were sold for close to $ 17 million at Christie's in New York, held on Tuesday evening.
Many of the images shown were from the collection of Matt Hall and John Watkinson, co-authors of the encrypted digital content industry known as NFT, according to TechCrunch.
NFTs are unique encryption codes used to represent digital assets, including photos and videos. They can be bought and sold like physical collectibles. It operates via "blockchain" technology, which means that transactions and ownership can be tracked and a "title deed" can be obtained that allows buyers to prove their ownership of the digital assets and transfer them to others.
The platform "CryptoPunks" that displayed the images, is one of the first projects of "NFT" via the "Ethereum Blockchain" platform, which also contributed to the development of the cryptocurrency "Ethereum".
On Tuesday, the photos were auctioned for $ 16.96 million after the fees.