Architectural studio Mario Cucinella Architects and 3D printing specialists WASP collaborated in Bologna to create a low carbon housing prototype that will be 3D printed using clay.
The house was named Tecla, and was constructed and engineered by Wasp using clay sourced from a nearby riverbed.
Printed in Massa Lombarda, Italy, the home is formed of two connected dome-shaped volumes with a ribbed outer wall that is made up of 350 stacked layers of 3D-printed clay.
The clay is arranged in undulating layers that not only provide structural stability but also to act as a thermal barrier.
The 60-square-metre structure is 4.2 metres in height and comprises a living space, kitchen and sleeping area and is fitted with services and a circular skylight on its roof.
Although mainly windowless, its entrance is marked by a glazed door within a large lancet arch.