The newly opened illusion art museum (IAM Prague) is located in the center of the Old Town Square near the famous Astronomical Clock, known locally as Orloj., Inside an old building dating back to 1401.
The museum consists of three floors, each floor is devoted to a different type of exhibit. You find distorted installations that depict famous historical figures in unexpected ways, in addition to drawing with metal pieces, artistic optical illusions, and three-dimensional images.
The first floor is dedicated to displaying fictitious bodies, which if you approached it, you will find it a pile of different things, but if you look at it from afar or through your screen, you will find a different scene, as pictures of well-known figures such as Franz Kafka or Nikola Tesla appear to you. This is in addition to another set of exhibits that require you to challenge your eyesight, which will inevitably deceive you this time; There is an embodiment of a disassembled chair, but it appears complete in the picture. On this floor, you can also take a unique photo of you with an amazing angel wing that looks like real. You can also see amazing paintings of drawings and artistic photos that appear to jump out of the frame.
On the second floor, original works by world-famous artists such as Patrick Hughes and Patrick Bruschko are on display. The works of many local artists, including Ivana Stankelova and Ladislav Vilna, are also on display. This floor is also devoted to temporary exhibitions, where Czech street artists photograph different moments of local history aligned with the idea and content of the museum, providing guests with a truly unique experience.
On the third floor, a new gallery is under preparation that will show you the world from a blue and red perspective.
There is a hidden section inside the museum, which is not always open to visitors. The Underground Museum is the original ground floor of the Old Town Square, which was located several meters below the current floor. They love discovering this place with Jacob and Jonathan who run the museum and have great ideas for the future to implement in this special place.