The Emirati "Probe of Hope" succeeded in reaching the orbit of the planet Mars, to achieve the Arab dream after 7 years of hard work to explore the red planet.
The United Arab Emirates, China and the United States launched projects to Mars last July, taking advantage of the period when Earth and Mars are closer.
After the success of this achievement, the probe begins its actual work of studying the atmosphere of the red planet for a full Martian year during which it studies everything related to the weather of the Red Planet, with the help of three advanced scientific instruments, which are the infrared spectroscope, the UV spectrophotometer, and an exploration camera Digital HD.
The goal of this mission is to study the Martian atmosphere and the causes of its erosion. The data collected by the Hope Probe will be provided to scientific and research centers in the world, to study in depth the layers of the Martian atmosphere and the causes of the loss of hydrogen and oxygen gases, and to study climate changes and their relationship to the erosion of the surface of Mars, which was one of the Reasons for the disappearance of liquid water.