Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi has just unveiled an exhibition that takes a step back into the history of Emirati fashion from the 1940s right up to the 80s. Exhibited at the Qasr Al Hosn, a historical Abu Dhabi landmark built in 1761, “Fashion Through The Years” offers an extraordinary insight into the history of Emirati craftsmanship, handiwork, fabrics and traditions.
Through the clothes and adornments displayed, the visitor will get acquainted with the changes that the Emirati fashion has witnessed over the generations. The exhibition celebrates the past of Abu Dhabi and its diverse and comprehensive traditions and culture through features from the history of the emirate, and the stories of its people through clothes of various forms, and decorations used on occasions — starting from the simplicity of fashion in the pre-oil era, to the cultural influences that played an important role due to the openness to trade routes in the region.”