Hala Ezzeddine engages in a kind of ethnographic painting. 
Her object of study has been the landscape of Arsal – her hometown near Lebanon’s border with Syria – and the children with which it is populated. Having worked there as a public-school teacher of the fine arts during the Syrian Civil War, she produced portraits of the Syrian refugees who had traversed the border into Lebanon and landed in her classes. In the past year, the scope of her painting practice broadened in response to the popular uprisings against the ruinous economic conditions in Lebanon. Her practice has since shifted from the localized context of Arsal to include portraits and landscapes of Beirut, evoking a generalized state of destitution.
And today Ezzeddine is presenting her collection under the name "IN SEARCH OF LIGHT" at  Agial Art Gallery from 8 December, 2020 till 9 January, 2021, so for all who are interested don't hesitate to pass by.