Oshinowo and Amuah created the Egaro face shield with car brand Lexus as part of its Freedom to Move project at Design Miami. The brief was to respond to 2020, prompting the duo to look into the design of face coverings, which have become ubiquitous following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.
Two curved brass plates form the shield over the face and are decorated with a stencil design that is intended to reference an African fractal rhythm and breathing.
Worn like a headband, the face shield has a 3D-printed white nylon frame that extends in a cross over the front. The vertical part is wave shaped and punctuated by two bars at the end, while the horizontal part is curved and ends in two downward-facing bars.
They also created a transparent version of the Egaro, in which the face shield is made from acrylic. Rather than white, the decorative frame is coloured bronze.
Egaro is one of three designs the duo created to explore face masks as fashion item in contemporary life. 
Oshinowo, Amuah and Lexus unveiled Freedom To Move during this year's Design Miami, which will run from 27 November to 6 December online and in-person in the Miami Design District.