Luxury is the word that springs to mind to describe Bentley’s new Flying Spur, which is hitting the roads of the Middle East about now. 
The design engineers have made the bonnet slightly longer by pulling the wheels forward a few centimeters, but it does not look stretched at all, merely powerful. 
Bentley, which has been owned by Volkswagen of Germany for the past couple of decades but still hand-crafts its cars in Crewe, in the UK, has put a lot of thought, and investment, into the new Flying Spur. The company describes it as a luxury grand tourer, a car for taking long journeys in style.
Hit the engine-start button, though, and you are in a different world. The six-liter engine is a W12 configuration, another nod to the motorsports tradition, and gives you a surge of power at the touch of the gas pedal.
In the rear of the car, with all the comfort and luxury, you might have a hard job staying awake on a long trip. Fortunately, there are plenty of gadgets, including video, massage seats, and a mini-fridge, to keep you occupied. If you choose to shell out on the higher specifications, you can have virtually any ambiance you desire. 
Available on the road starting at AED1.3m ($354,000), the Flying Spur is a real gem of a car and so thoroughly English.