Away from the crises we are going through in Lebanon, some people are still looking for ways to show its beauty, so that the country remains distinguished by its people’s culture, environmental wealth and archaeological history.
When mentioning all these characteristics, we must mention the area of Anfeh, and who among you does not know it?
A peninsula with a length of 400 meters and a width of 120 meters ... was partially separated from the ground by two large trenches that were dug into the rock during the Crusader period. 
To raise awareness about the importance of this region and in an effort to preserve its environment and its history, it was necessary for us in Modern Arabesque to highlight Anfeh creative team, ACT, who conducted a photography competition in which they invited professional and non-professional photographers from all over Lebanon to participate in a Photography competition titled "The Golden Hour in Anfeh". The competition began on October 15, 2020, and the deadline for submission was November 15, where 96 people have participated in it.
The names of the three winners have been announced:
First Winner: Sunset Hunting by Joe Sokhn 
Second Winner: Blue Sunset Salt by Dima Karam
Third Winner: Ephemeral by Christian Atallah
And special mention from the jury: Anfeh Sunset by Jean Daaboul
In particular, we mention the jury:
Ghada Waked: Scholar/founder and director of the Beirut's Bienniale for the Image & Albedo Creative Platform
Roger Moukarzel: Fashion Photographer and International Published Documentary.  
Tarek Moukkadem: Fashion Photographer, Creative Director - Doubt Online, Instructor at NDU
Nadine Haroun: Curator, Associate Professor of Archeology at AUB, and Director - Hema Anfeh.
Sleiman El Dayaa: Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Publisher at SLIMI Magazine.
The winning photos and finalists will be printed and sold as a limited edition online and in some Christmas markets and stores. All proceeds will go to “Anfeh Our Family,” a group of volunteers whose goal is to collect donations and provide them to the needy families through various projects throughout the year. They have recently raised money and provided assistance including, food, clothing and shelter to many Beirut residents affected by the port explosion on August 4, 2020.
From the Modern Arabesque team, we congratulate the winners of this competition, and we thank ACT for this initiative.
Mabelle Milane
Modern Arabesque