The Metamorphosis collection comprises three sculptural objects that the designer refers to as "functional art", which act as a chair, a table, and a light.
Each is made using materials Podracky found around his home, or that were easy to access, during a period of quarantine.
These include paint, wood, textiles, discarded materials like spare car parts, pieces of broken ceramics, and broken sheets of glass, materials that he felt had a level of "authenticity of scarcity".
Podracky crafted the Rietveld chair from wood, before messily covering it in layers of black, white and yellow paint. He then used a chainsaw to carve away at the structure to reveal the layers of wood inside, and then he stuck clumps of woody materials such as moss and mulch mixed with a blue liquid to the top half of the chair, before securing sections of polystyrene and foam to the bottom half and dripping more liquid over the top.
For the lighting piece, called Growth, he built a cage-like frame from which he hung different materials such as wood and woven fabric, securing them in place with glue. The light sources inside the structure are made from discarded car-headlights.
Also Podracky used recycled pieces of glass to make the Creating Through Destroying table, which is topped with a blue and white vase made from reconstructed broken fragments of porcelain.
The table boasts a fragile effect, while the vase sits solidly on top, dotted with flowers made from pieces of ceramic.