Kasuma is one of the most influential artists in the world, whose paintings, performance, fashion, poetry and conceptual art draw huge crowds wherever they're presented. The Infinity Rooms, in particular, are a worldwide hit for the 91-year-old artist. In the past five years, more than five million people around the globe stepped inside her distinct mirrored rooms to reflect, space out and snap a celestial selfie to share on social media. It's not unheard of for fans to wait in line for hours to experience a brief moment inside them.
Now two of those rooms:  Infinity Mirrored Room — Filled With the Brilliance of Life (one of the Kusama's largest-ever installations) and Chandelier of Grief (a room that appears as an endless universe of rotating crystal chandeliers) will arrive at Tate Modern in spring 2021.
The exhibition was scheduled to take place this year for Tate's 20th anniversary, but then along came the pandemic and plans were put on hold. But now it's all systems go for the presentation of the two Infinity Rooms, alongside photography and footage from Kusama's studio and early performance works.