The manufacturers of this revolutionary ‘smartwatch’ have made a real impression at the beginning of this year, with thousands of customers already convinced. The eSmart is the first high-tech new generation connected watch which is 3 TIMES less expensive than its direct competitors. The pickiest customers have all fallen for its sleek design, the ergonomics of its body and its ease of use.
The eSmart is distributed by a French start-up, which shares the same Chinese manufacturing factories as its direct competitors - the quality of the parts used in the fabrication process is similar to the quality of those used in a Samsung, Fitbit, or any other.
this start-up has focused on the most important things:
✅The first Fitness watch with a high-performing heart monitor.
✅HD touchscreen with an exceptional lighting which adapts to the natural environmental light.
✅A highly-reliable heart rate monitor.
✅Sleep and fitness tracker, as well as heart monitor all integrated in a connected watch which is 100% waterproof.
✅The eSmart will help you track your progress and will encourage you to be more active.
✅Personal vocal assistant integrated functionality which allows the user to answer calls, organise meetings and receive notifications (SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail…).
✅Protocol Bluebooth 4.0, which ensures a permanent and stable connection which is essential for using various applications.
✅Heart sensors designed to allow people who suffer from heart issues or anxiety to know when to slow down on physical activity
✅Size: 44 * 38 * 10.7mm - Weight: 50g
And it's for  $ 69 only!!!