Ten of the lipsticks come in a matte finish, while the remaining 14 have a stain finish similar to Hermès's signature Kelly calf leather box bag. The colors range from light beiges and tangerine oranges to berry purples and flamingo pinks. The collection also includes Lip Care Balm, Poppy Lip Shine, Universal Lip Pencil, and a Lip Brush.
Beyond the radiant shade options, the lipsticks are packaged in refillable and plastic-free tubes made from the same "permabrass" metal used in the hardware of their famed handbags. 
Rouge Hermès is available in select Hermès boutiques and today.
The lipsticks are $68 and refills are $42. New seasonal shades will also be added throughout the year for $72 each.
This launch is also just the beginning for Hermès Beauty, which will continue to launch new products every six months, beginning in September.