The structures beneath the walking trail will act as a sales pavilion and reception block for the new Unis Chip City development in Chengdu's Tianfu New District, which is under construction in the southern part of the city.
Powerhouse Company connected these two structures with a bright red rooftop walkway, named Loop of Wisdom, which is designed to make the reception block more useable than if it was a standalone building.
The buildings were constructed on a slight hill, and the undulating terrain informed the 698-meter-long circular trail that rises up to form the roofs of the two structures.
While the buildings are clad in aluminum tiles, the walking track is made from rubber asphalt so that the path can be used for runners as well as walkers.
Within the two buildings, full-height windows have been installed into the exhibition and office spaces to allow views out to the surrounding park.
The concrete interior spaces are complemented by wooden ceilings.