Vegan designer Erez Nevi Pana uses home-grown materials to create cocoon-like shelters for people living in an imaginary tropical version of Milan, which has an unfamiliar climate due to global warming.
The shelters have each been made from vegan and sustainable materials, and feature in a film made by the designer. Both elements make up an installation by Nevi Pana called Tropical Milan.
The installation imagines a future city that has been transformed into a jungle-like climate due to rising temperatures and sees its inhabitants take refuge in woven bags and hammocks made from banana fibers.
For the project, Nevi Pana imagines banana plants as the only crop being produced in the region. As a result, he created three objects made from materials, such as banana fibre, that he grew himself.
These include the Vegana Banana Bag Chair made of banana fibre, the Tropical Banana Rocking Chair made of banana fibre and net, and the Steamy Banana Hammock made of banana fibre and luffa – a tropical vine vegetable from the cucumber family.
The objects and film are also on show in an installation, curated by Maria Cristina Didero, in Milan's 5 Vie district, which opened on 28 September and will remain open to view until 10 October 2020.
Source: Natashah Hitti