The all-black Prophecy is an electric and autonomous concept vehicle that aims to build an emotional connection between humans and cars using what the company calls "optimistic futurism".

Taking cues from aerodynamic design, the Prophecy has an extended wheelbase and short overhang in addition to its smoothed out body surface.This streamlined design extends from the front to the rear of the car, and ends with a boat-tail line formed by the rear quarter panels, which are designed to give the vehicle a sense of motion when stationary. This pixellated lighting style is Hyundai's way of hinting towards the energy contained in the vehicle's battery cells.

The four-seater driverless car has a spacious interior due to its electric powertrain.

An eco-friendly mindset was adopted when choosing the interior materials, which includes a wool-based felt carpet, and the designers opted for a colour palette of blues and greys paired with low ambient lighting to emulate a relaxing atmosphere.

Hyundai's Prophecy concept was originally set to debut at this year's Geneva Motor Show, however the event was cancelled in response to the coronavirus outbreak.