One German grandma, dubbed ‘Lego Grandma’ , has come up with an ingenious way to make her town more accessible to the disabled, by constructing wheelchair ramps out of Lego blocks. Rita Ebel, 62 and from Hanau, Germany, has been wheelchair-bound since she was injured in a car crash 25 years ago. As if getting around wasn’t difficult enough on its own, her town’s lack of wheelchair-accessible businesses has made certain areas virtually impossible for disabled inhabitants to visit. Fortunately, Rita managed to circumvent the problem by constructing the much-needed ramps from Lego bricks.
Helped by her husband, Ebel often spends two to three hours a day building the made-to-order ramps which contain several hundred of the small plastic bricks stuck together with up to eight tubes of glue. Don’t be fooled by the basic components: “The ramps are super stable, can be made for different heights, and have the advantage that they are mobile and have a good grip,” says Ebel.