A letter was found from Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, in which they showed their mutual admiration and the same vision for a revival of modern art in the future, and were placed on Tuesday at an auction in Paris for 210,600 euros containing their signatures.
The signature of ink on network paper is addressed to their friend, painter Emile Bernard of Arles, 1.2 November 1888. It evokes the ongoing discussions on the "Society of Painters".
Estimated between 180,000 and 250,000 euros (193,000 and 268,000 francs). The message went under the hammer at the start of the Aristotels' Spring Sales session.
Both express their conviction that art is passing through a pivotal period towards "renaissance". Van Gogh wrote: "Now, I certainly believe in the possibility of a huge revival of art, and I think this new art will have the tropics in their country, it seems to me that we ourselves only act as mediators." (1853-1890).
In the message addressed to his "dear friend Bernard," he predicted that "the next generation will succeed in living in peace."